During these unpresendented times it be worth having another look at R&D for your business?

As many companies are scrambling to access the new Government emergency measures like the 80% Furlough scheme, and the Government backed loans, there might be an easier way to input money into your business.

You might qualify for R&D cash awards for development work you’ve already done!

If Covid-19 means you are not currently working or business has been put on hold, now is the perfect time to contact us to see if you’re eligible for Research and Development tax credits.

A short call with one of our R&D team, we can find out what qualifying R&D projects you may have already completed, which could result in a cash injection for your business.

Under the current climate, there may be no better time to look at R&D. It’s a great Government incentive which can improve your cash flow during these uncertain times.

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