Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kit

Testing in unprecedented times

We provide a testing service which reveals whether you have been infected with the COVID-19 virus since the outbreak began.

Advanced Quality, CE Marked, COVID-19 Testing to keep the workplace moving.
For professional use only. Kits in stock ready for delivery.

People across the world have been left in the dark by a lack of accessible testing, until now where we can support you to bring the light back into your business, family, relationships and lives through our simple testing system.


Determine if someone has developed the antibody to COVID-19 within 15 minutes, or test for an immediate infection.


Government, Healthcare and corporations around the world are using COVID-19 kits to determine if their people have or have had COVID-19 and potentially carry the antibody.


COVID-19 testing kits can determine if someone has already had COVID-19, or could be currently infected.

Not only are our tests highly accurate and from our extensive scientific research the best performing tests on the market, but with our service you receive so much more than simply a product.

We provide:

A CE marked rapid antibody test that is 99% accurate and trialled extensively in the UK and across Europe, that provides test results within 10-15 minutes

Test results within 10-15 minutes a comprehensive, complementary online training course to support you to use the tests safely and effectively

Support to understand the results of your test, and what this means for you going forward

For professional use only – Kits in stock ready for delivery

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