Will Brexit impact R&D?

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What will Brexit mean for R&D tax credits?

Although there is immense uncertainty, R&D tax credits have remained unaffected. 

The UK government has expressed no intention to halt or reduce current R&D tax relief schemes following the UK’s withdrawal. 

The government is eager to ensure British markets remain competitive and industry leading, meaning innovation is arguably more important now than ever before. 

As we are no longer subject to EU regulations, including state aid, in theory, this means that companies won’t be prevented from receiving multiple forms of state aid – an SME that previously couldn’t claim R&D tax relief on the basis of already receiving another grant now can.

While the future of R&D tax credits remains in the air as UK and EU negotiations continue, the positive is that Brexit doesn’t look set to affect R&D tax relief. 

For more information on how we can help your SME and its R&D tax relief in these unprecedented times please don’t hesitate to contact us 

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adminWill Brexit impact R&D?

Can R&D support your business in 2021?

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The construction industry took a big blow in 2020, but R&D could be the way forward for your business in 2021.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 global pandemic caused disruption across each and every industry – not least the construction sector. March 2020 saw the most significant monthly drop since the 2008 financial crisis.

In order to successfully re-establish the dominance of the construction industry in 2021 and beyond, one solution may actually lie in research and development projects.

The increased use of technology in the last 12 months has demonstrated how businesses can operate more efficiently.

The use of technology can help the construction industry by offering short-term solutions to getting back on-site with improved efficiency and productivity.

R&D funding provides an opportunity for construction firms to investigate, develop and fund the pursuit of these new technologies. It’s likely that technology projects will meet the necessary eligibility criteria to receive funding.

Infinity Finance Group can support your business with an R&D claim. Contact us to arrange a call.

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adminCan R&D support your business in 2021?

Improve your business cash-flow?

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During these unpresendented times it be worth having another look at R&D for your business?

As many companies are scrambling to access the new Government emergency measures like the 80% Furlough scheme, and the Government backed loans, there might be an easier way to input money into your business.

You might qualify for R&D cash awards for development work you’ve already done!

If Covid-19 means you are not currently working or business has been put on hold, now is the perfect time to contact us to see if you’re eligible for Research and Development tax credits.

A short call with one of our R&D team, we can find out what qualifying R&D projects you may have already completed, which could result in a cash injection for your business.

Under the current climate, there may be no better time to look at R&D. It’s a great Government incentive which can improve your cash flow during these uncertain times.

Contact us today to arrange an initial discussion info@infinityfinancegroup.co.uk

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adminImprove your business cash-flow?

Keep your workplace moving with 15 minute Covid 19 tests

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Infinity are rolling out 15 minute test kits to companies across the UK.

We provide a testing kit which reveals if you are infected with the COVID-19 virus within 15 minutes.  Advanced Quality, CE Marked, COVID-19 Testing to keep the workplace moving.

People across the world have been left in the dark by a lack of accessible testing, until now where we can support you to bring the light back into your business, family, relationships and lives through our simple testing kit.

BBC News have today announced,

“People in Liverpool will be offered regular Covid-19 tests under the first trial of whole city testing in England.

Everyone living or working in the city will be offered tests, whether or not they have symptoms, with follow-up tests every two weeks or so.

Some will get new tests giving results within an hour which, if successful, could be rolled out to “millions” by Christmas, the government says.

Liverpool has one of the highest rates of coronavirus deaths in England.

The latest figures show the city recorded 352 cases per 100,000 in the week up to 30 October. The average area in England had 153″.

Source: BBC News.

If you would like to know more about ordering Covid 19 test kits for your business please email info@infinityfinancegroup.co.uk or visit our Covid 19 test kit web page for more information.

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adminKeep your workplace moving with 15 minute Covid 19 tests

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